Why Leadership & Resilience?

Recognizing what is important to us in specific situations is becoming an essential competence for a modern leader and a human being of the 21stcentury who wants to live a meaningful life both at home and at work.

We are living in turbulent times and decision-making is not easy. In all spheres of our lives, we are asked to meet demanding expectations. In our work, we are under constant scrutiny from the public, the media, followers and other stakeholders. In our personal lives, we have a range of other responsibilities. This is why our self-leadership and our ability to handle stressful situations effectively becomes one of the key competences important for gaining and maintaining trust and for sustainable development of meaningful relationships at home and at work.

In the long run, to successfully manage challenges, constant change and deal with unpredictable situations, it is essential that we regularly pay focused attention to our self-leadership. For example, we take care to regularly renew our mental and physical strength, our energy management, as well as the energy management of our people. A healthy lifestyle, the ability to regulate one's mind and emotions and the ability to relax and truly "switch off" is clearly a must-have for every modern leader (person) who wants to live a full, happy and purpose-filled life. 

We can think of resistance as a muscle. By strengthening it regularly, we can create the right habits to achieve growth. As our resilience grows, so does our ability to effectively manage challenging situations so that we can perform at our best and make the right decisions in everyday situations in our work and personal lives.

Resilience Academy: increasing mental resilience and engagement not only in times of crisis
Resilience Academy includes a diagnosis of your RQ (resilience quotient) before the first module and a re-measurement of your level of resilience through a re-diagnosis, which will give us useful feedback on the quality and fulfilment of the purpose of our work together in the last module.