Mazars and Civitta join forces to support startups

Slovak ecosystem of startups, growth and innovation companies will receive support from Mazars in cooperation with Civitta

Mazars in Slovakia started cooperation with Civitta, a leading consultancy association in the field of strategic management in Central and Eastern Europe. They partner up to reinforce not only startup companies. “We consider Civitta to be the best partner in the field of accelerators in Slovakia and we are very pleased we can jointly cooperate in numerous activities and projects. Our intention is to support startups which need to raise capital from investors along with growth and innovation companies in their development,” Daniel Marek, Partner at Mazars, clarifies. Mazars will share their expertise with these companies and will provide them with expert transactional, financial, and tax consultancy they require in different phases of their growth.

Civitta and Mazars accelerate startups

Mazars will transfer their know-how within the second year of the Challenger Accelerator program which has already helped more than 1,100 startups on their path to capital, clients, and their products finalization. Mazars are one of six seed partners in the field of Green & Digital. “The sustainability topic is of immense importance to us. We do realize the urgency of green economy transition and responsible entrepreneurship regarding the climate change,” Jana Ružická, Sustainability Director at Mazars, explains. During the batch, eight selected companies within the Challenger Accelerator will receive mentoring from people experienced in business. They may participate in several workshops and get networked with potential clients. The goal is to finalize their product, and to escalate their business plan and company presentation to the more professional level, and get networked with potential clients, strategic partners, and investors. The participation in the program is free for startups and they neither need hand over a part of their share to the accelerator. Apart from the aforementioned benefits, they received a grant amounting to EUR 4-10 thousand.

Innovations are the future

Another form of cooperation is the Innovate Slovakia project, an information portal on startup and innovation ecosystem in Slovakia, aimed at helping the Slovak startups and innovative companies. It is not only the Civitta consultancy behind them but also the Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy (SAPIE). “Within the know-how transfer, expert baseline documents for startups in the field of finances and taxes will be also provided free of charge. They will use them when raising capital from investors, especially at due diligence preparation and execution,” Daniel Marek clarifies.

Mazars believes the number of common projects with Civitta will increase and due to their experience, they will help startups and small and medium enterprises on their path of growth.

Civitta was established as an alliance of consultancy companies in the region of Baltic States headquartered in Estonia. Currently, it is a leading consultancy association in the field of strategic management in Central and Eastern Europe. They employ more than 300 consultants in 28 branches based in 17 countries.