Mazars in Slovakia supports Ukrainians

We are shocked and deeply moved by the events in Ukraine. In the last weeks our priority has been to help those most affected by the war, our colleagues from Mazars Ukraine and their families.

Mazars in Slovakia has taken a number of steps to reach out to people who have to cope with such a dramatic experience. We have created a team which monitors the ever-changing situation and coordinates relief efforts inside and outside our company.

We have focused on actions that include:

  1. Permanent contact with our colleagues from Mazars Ukraine in order to provide the most necessary support such as transport and accommodation for our colleagues from Ukraine and their families coming to Slovak Republic.
  2. Financial support for non-governmental organisations providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians as well as donation of clothes and first-aid items by our colleagues.
  3. Psychological support for employees of Ukrainian origin and their families.

In the face of these tragic events, we thank all of our employees who are helping - we are proud to have such good people among us, whose kindness and solidarity are touching.

We are also aware how difficult this time is for our clients. We try to provide them with professional support and help them find their way in the current, extremely difficult situation.