Biodiversity Fresk: Three hours to understand the erosion of biodiversity

Would you like to train your employees on the topics of biodiversity in a playful and collaborative way?

The Biodiversity Fresk is an engaging, collaborative, visual, and accessible workshop designed to help the participants understand the challenges and pressures surrounding biodiversity. The workshop draws from the scientific-based findings from the report done by The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

Participants divided in groups will explore the concept of biodiversity, its significance, and the threats it faces.

At Mazars in Slovakia, we are proud that our sustainability experts are the training facilitators certified directly by The Biodiversity Collage. They will help your teams hold this interactive workshop - either in English or in French.

How does it work?

  1. Participants gather around a table in teams of 4 to 7 people.
  2. They become familiar with the cards representing various components of biodiversity and work together to establish connections that highlight the relationships between causes and effects.
  3. A Fresker (a facilitator from Mazars) supervises one or more teams and guides them, using a collective intelligence approach. The Fresker then moderates a group reflection to debrief and explore individual and corporate solutions. A broader reflection beyond biodiversity issues is highly encouraged.


  • Comprehend the challenges of biodiversity erosion through an enjoyable, collaborative workshop.
  • Trace the cause-and-effect links of ecosystem disruption and their consequences for humankind.
  • Initiate a collective discussion on the action points concerning biodiversity.
  • Equip participants with the tools to implement concrete actions within their companies.

Training program

Introduction to the workshop

Examples of ecosystems and their associated disturbances

  • What is an ecosystem? How can we preserve its balance?
  • Explore the impact of disturbances on ecosystems through three tangible examples.

Understanding ecosystems

The fundamentals of biodiversity

  • Identify the three pillars of biodiversity and learn about key statistics.
  • What is the concept of ecosystem services? Explore examples and applications.

Disturbance & erosion

The effects of human activities on biodiversity

  • Human responsibility for the disruption of ecosystems.
  • The five major pressures on biodiversity and their consequences.

Levers for action

Constructing actionable steps

  • Determine action levers at both individual and company levels.
  • Share insights with other teams and consolidate conclusions.

This training program, which complements our Climate Fresk workshop, is suitable for all companies wishing to enhance their awareness of significant environmental issues.

If you are interested in hosting the workshop in your company, please do not hesitate to contact our sustainability expert at Mazars - for further information.