Unlocking climate insights: A conversation with our Climate Fresk facilitator

In this interview, we sit down with our colleague Louis Goulaieff, Sustainability Consultant at Mazars in Slovakia. Louis has conducted numerous sessions of the Climate Fresk workshop. Read more about the insights into the unique aspects of this workshop and its transformative impact on individuals and organizations.

1. Can you explain how the Climate Fresk workshop helps employees better understand climate change and its implications, and what makes it unique compared to other sustainability training programs?

Certainly. The Climate Fresk workshop stands out by activating collective intelligence. Unlike traditional sustainability training, it requires participants to actively build up the fresque, becoming participative learners. This approach fosters a systemic understanding of climate challenges, allowing for open and positive conversations about solutions.

2. What is the target audience or ideal group size for the Climate Fresk workshop, and how do you tailor the experience to accommodate participants with varying levels of familiarity with climate issues?

The ideal group size is 16 people, divided into 2 tables of 8. Surprisingly, there's no specific target audience; the Fresk can be adapted for different age groups. The game is designed to ensure that everyone, regardless of prior knowledge, leaves with new insights.

3. Could you share some success stories or key takeaways from previous workshops you've facilitated? How has the workshop positively impacted individuals and organizations?

The Fresk has several positive effects, from helping individuals grasp the scale of the climate challenge to providing organizations with a common basis for broader sustainability strategies. We've seen CSR initiatives come to fruition because the Fresk opened up meaningful exchanges that welded teams together.

4. As a certified facilitator by the Climate Fresk organization, what expertise and insights do you bring to the workshop, and how does this expertise enhance the learning experience for participants?

The best facilitator is the one who doesn't participate actively in the fresque. Instead, they lay the groundwork, allowing participants to complete it on their own. Our advantage at Mazars is a thorough knowledge of environmental regulations, crucial for overcoming climate challenges. We provide the workshop in English, French, or in Slovak. Moreover, besides climate issueas, we offer a special Fresk dedicated to biodiversity.

5. The Climate Fresk has been conducted in various countries worldwide. How do cultural differences and regional perspectives influence the workshop, and how do you adapt the content to resonate with diverse audiences?

With workshops conducted globally, we acknowledge cultural differences. The workshop's adaptability allows us to tweak content while respecting varied perspectives, ensuring it remains universally impactful and relevant for any industry the company operates at.

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If you are interested in hosting the workshop in your company, please do not hesitate to contact our sustainability experts at Mazars - louis.goulaieff@mazars.sk or iveta.lacova@mazars.sk for further information or a price offer.