Organisational resilience development program

Almost all organizations (profit, non-profit, governmental, non-governmental...) today face a huge challenge to adapt to the constantly changing situation. Their only certainty is change.

Goal of the training

The goal of the organizational resilience development program is to work on the key competencies of resilience at the whole organizational level.

What is organizational resilience?

Organizational resilience is a strategy by which organizations:

  • optimize their performance;
  • optimize the performance of their employees;
  • they manage stressful situations;
  • they better manage adaptation to change;
  • achieve the set goals more effectively;
  • they support the good life of all interest groups.

Pillars of organizational resilience

The intention of any organization to consciously create an organizational resilience strategy must be based on a clearly defined purpose of existence of the given organization and on its organizational values. The main pillars of building organizational resilience are also the main topics of this development program:

  • Module 1: Organizational resilience
  • Module 2: Leadership & strategy
  • Module 3: Personal and team resilience
  • Module 4: Organizational culture

The content of individual modules will be adapted to the specifics of a particular organization.
The time allowance for each module is 4 hours, the price for each module is upon request.

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