Discover recently launched ESG e-Campus by Mazars in Slovakia. Now even with free trials

Mazars in Slovakia, in cooperation with EcoLearn organisation, introduced five e-courses that aim to broaden knowledge and navigate business leaders in the area of sustainability.

More about ESG e-Campus and free versions of the courses

The climate change, commitments of the European Union to become a climate-neutral continent, but also the pressure of the market, influence business leaders to make their business more environmentally friendly and favorable to society.

Investors are no longer only interested in economic results, but also in so-called non-financial ESG indicators. As it is a complex topic that brings big changes to the way companies operate, Mazars joined forces with EcoLearn organisation and launched five courses where business leaders can:

  • fully embrace the sustainability skills and knowledge;
  • get ahead of their competitors in terms of ESG insights. 

Business professionals, ESG experts, and sustainability enthusiasts as well can take introduction courses:

...or improve their knowledge and skill with larger-scale courses:

All online courses are focused on practice, respond to the current needs of companies, educate interactively and are available 24 hours a day. Access is open during several months depending on the course volume. The course attendees can discuss any questions with our ESG experts with more than 15 years of experience. This gives them an individual and interactive approach. The course attendees will also be asked to develop a practical case study, which will be evaluated by our ESG experts. At the end, all successful graduates receive a certificate signed by a GRI-certified Mazars professional.   

All courses are in English. Graduates will gain not only practical knowledge, but also a competitive advantage on the market, as there are only a few experts within this area. The sooner business leaders prepare for change, the better they will survive in a rapidly changing environment.

Update 24 April 2023: You can now experience the full potential of our online learning platform with our free trial offer. Claim your access into our courses features, familiarize yourself with the platform, and explore the comprehensive syllabus along with supplementary resources - at no cost. With the free trial you can enter all of the five courses with just one link and choose the right path of learning for yourself.

More about ESG e-Campus and free versions of the courses