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You will find below all our job offers. Click on each offer to learn more. If interested, we would be happy to receive your CV.

We strive to align with the ever-evolving market demands and prioritize the voice of our colleagues and candidates when it comes to the company benefits. We commit to the mindful and sustainable way of working challenged by the recent world shift. Picking the examples, at Mazars you are able to:

  • Fully embrace the hybrid model of working and its flexibility when working from home
  • Make use of financial contribution to the travel card for public transport/electric scooters that fosters our sustainable company approach
  • Benefit from the newly-introduced 4-day workweek at our audit department during off-season months

Open positions in Bratislava

Open positions in Košice

Open positions in Nitra


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At Mazars, the procedure for selecting candidates is as follows

  1. After we receive the CV, we shall go through it in detail and compare it with other applications we possess.
  2. We shall approach you in case we have additional questions or something is unclear to us.
  3. Together with colleagues from the department you are applying to, we shall consult your profiles and, if relevant, contact you to arrange a meeting.
  4. We shall also inform you in case we decide for other candidates.

We would like to be as prompt as possible. However, it may occur that these steps will take us more than a week and therefore we would like to ask you for patience.

Even after the pandemic, our interviewing process remains flexible and it is upon agreement whether to hold the interview online or in person. You will receive instructions from our HR department well in advance after arranging the date of interview, so you can prepare properly, and plan your arrival if the interview is on-site.

If you are interested in applying for another, currently unpublished position in our company, do not hesitate to send us your CV or get in touch with

We much appreciate all your feedback. Thank you.