Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is becoming a major topic in tax audits and thus represents an important and often risky area not only for medium and large companies but also for startups, which are still setting up their transactions with dependent persons. If you need advice on your obligations, risks or possibilities in the field of transfer pricing, contact us by clicking on the button below and we will contact you with a specific solution proposal.

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Our services

  • Transfer pricing documentation (Master File, Local File, CbCR report)
  • Transfer pricing setup check
  • Transfer pricing setup of new or existing transactions (economic analysis and benchmarking in Amadeus, Bloomberg, RoyaltyStat, RoyaltySource, RoyaltyRange databases)
  • Tax audits and dispute resolution in the area of transfer pricing
  • Assistance during the Advance Pricing Agreement process (APA) and in international Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP)

Our approach

Our local expertise and experience across all sectors of the Slovak market (from goods transactions, through services to complex financial transactions and restructuring) allows us to accurately diagnose your transactions in terms of transfer pricing and identify potential risks as well as space for saving money. Our particularity lies in close cooperation with the client and the search for specific solutions to ensure the optimization of transfer pricing, and - at the same time - compliance with documentation obligations.

Our global Mazars network in more than 90 countries has the necessary expertise and monitors new legislation and court rulings in countries outside Slovakia. Mazars thus facilitates global solutions covering your foreign activities. If you are interested in comparing transfer pricing obligations in individual countries, try our online platform.

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