Ethics development programs

Our ethical development programs aim to shape a desirable organisational culture through values-based leadership that has the potential to lead individuals and teams to increase meaningfulness, engagement, satisfaction, resilience, as well as to improve communication, relationships and collaboration across teams.

Many times we have to make decisions with a lack of information and under pressure. In such critical situations, it is extremely important to work on increasing your moral competence, ethical congruence, resilience, psychological resilience, critical thinking, emotional and mental agility, while fostering commitment to projects that are critical to your business.

In these times, not only individuals but also companies as a whole need to work on their ethical congruence, moral competence and resilience. People come first.

Employees must be the primary stakeholder, and the concept of ethical congruence and resilience will enable them:

  • Build a desirable corporate culture
  • Regulate their emotionality (particularly in terms of impulsiveness)
  • Work on their energy management
  • Persevere and see things through to a successful conclusion
  • Build good relationships based on trust
  • Think critically and build realistic optimism
  • Realise the power of values and ethical congruence


All of the above can be measured. Through the diagnostic tools we use in our development programs, we can diagnose:

  • Current and desired corporate culture
  • The character strengths of your people
  • The personal potential of your leaders and employees
  • The resilience quotient (RQ) of individuals and teams

Our ability to develop our potential at the following three levels really matters:

  1. Personality
  2. Resilience
  3. Character

Ethical training and its content

The ethical development provided by Mazars focuses on a variety of services such as trainings, workshops, consultations, lectures, advisory, and team and individual development. Together we will look at these areas:

  1. Diagnosis and changing organisational culture
  2. Creating an ethical strategy
  3. Ethical leadership
  4. Creating ethical infrastructure
  5. Stakeholder management & organizational ethics
  6. Well-being and psychological safety
  7. Developing a corporate philosophy - vision, mission and values
  8. Business ethics
  9. Training moral imagination and decision making through solving real-life case studies
  10. Creating an ethics programme

We will be happy to elaborate a more detailed offer of ethics training after the first consultation. It is essential to adpot an individual approach towards the identity of your company.

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