In the jungle of tools: Which one helps with sustainability?

There are hundreds of digital tools on the market that promise to help with the challenges of complex ESG data collection and processing. However, it is difficult to obtain a qualitative overview without a great deal of effort. Whether the targeted tool is ultimately the right solution only becomes clear once you have tested it as a company. We offer a new alternative: the Sustainability Tool Scout from Mazars. After just a few questions about your company, it becomes clear whether and how many suitable sustainability IT solutions are available for your requirements.

Use your time sustainably too

Hardly any company or person responsible for sustainability has the resources to immerse themselves in an extensive research and testing phase. The need for expert advice in the run-up to a changeover is therefore enormous in order to fulfil the requirements of new regulations and the obligations of sustainability reporting on time. Or even surpass them in order to secure a competitive advantage in the market. Our team of experts meticulously scrutinised all the solutions available on the market. In this way, the areas of application, properties and possibilities of the tools within the various sustainability topics could be specified and documented very precisely. It is now possible to obtain well-founded answers with just a few details about your company.

The only application of its kind on the market

Whether small and medium-sized companies or corporations in any industry, whether IT managers, compliance officers, decision-makers in the area of finance or the company management itself: With our unique and self-explanatory Sustainability Tool Scout, time-consuming research of well over 100 hours is reduced to a time investment of only around 10 minutes. All relevant sustainability IT solutions are already stored in our tool's database on the basis of feature-based criteria. We support you and your company in selecting and implementing the right tools and are on hand to advise you.

Put your trust in our experts for digitalisation and ESG data management. With their in-depth expertise and meticulous analyses of hundreds of tools, they are the right people to contact to automate important data processes and make your company fit for the digital side of the sustainability world.

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