Artificial Intelligence startup joins our Bratislava offices

Happy to welcome U here and to create a partnership to support the development and delivery of AI based Conversational platforms (such as chatbots) to customers.
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Conversational Artificial Intelligence startup nettle sro and Mazars Slovakia have announced a strategic partnership to support the exploration, development and delivery of Artificial Intelligence based Conversational platforms to their customers in Slovakia and across the CEE region.

We are very happy to welcome the nettle team, here in our Mazars Bratislava office. Together we believe that organizations of all sizes and across all departments from support desk, HR department to marketing and sales can benefit dramatically by enriching conversational experiences for both their customers and employees alike. Also, the Nettle team brings fresh spirit of innovation to our corridors and employees, says Mickael Compagnon, managing partner of Mazars in Slovakia.   

According to Gartner, conversational AI such as chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020. In fact, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse.  This research combined with the fact that Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon plan to make Conversational AI the main gateway to communicate with customers indicates that the Conversation AI landscape is certainly primed for huge consumer adoption in the coming years. 

Enterprises across the CEE region are also seeing the enormous potential for cost savings, process automation, improved customer satisfaction, and driving higher growth metrics through personalized engagement that advanced, purpose oriented artificial intelligence enhanced conversational platforms can provide.     

By combining the financial and process consulting expertise of Mazars with the AI and technological know-how of nettle, customers benefit from highly professional, quality driven end-to-end service experiences. “A properly designed and deployed bot technology can create value by automating and streamlining customer care, augmenting sales and marketing and personalizing communications across the entire e-commerce spectrum”, says Andrej Gregus, co-founder at nettle.

Nettle sro, a Bratislava based technology startup, consists of a team of seasoned coders, data scientists and business specialists building solutions for conversational style user interactions.

The conversational AI developed by nettle delivers the advantages of advanced bot technologies where natural language processing and machine learning provide a human like interaction, on demand 24/7, in a flexible multi-channel environment (messenger, web, chat, SMS or email) are coupled with a roadmap of value added enhancements such as image recognition for onboarding, voice to text, or payment processing technologies for online transactions to round out the core platform. 

These conversational platforms can take the form of conversational agents (voice, text or hybrid built solutions either fully automated or human-bot hybrid) or conversational enhancements such as text mining or intent classification and entity recognition engines that augment back end IT systems such as, content management or ERP/CRM solutions.