Robotic process automation

Robotic automation is a set of technologies that use software as a virtual FTE to manipulate existing application software in the same way that a person completes a process.

"The processing time was decreased by at least 75%. The proof of concept established the worthiness of the technology."

Director of Back-Office Department, Bank

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What is RPA? 

  • New type of computer application deployed on a servers or stand-alone computers (workstations)
  • To perform repetitive or low value added tasks with high frequency
  • The robot is activated by event (incoming mail, new transaction, new batch file, etc.) or time scheduled

Benefits for clients

What can RPA do?


  • Log into system and navigate to specific screen
  • Receive email and process attachments
  • Copy information from one system and paste it into another
  • Make calculations in excel spreadsheet
  • Inform user about outcome of the process
  • Follow defined decision logic
  • Run based on schedule or be triggered by an even


  • Accounts payable
  • Bank statements
  • Change of master data – address, contact details…
  • Automated testing
  • GDPR, KYC and other compliance processes
  • Reconciliations
  • Loans processing
  • New joiner onboarding

Project scope example 

Proof of Concept

  • Analysis, design and implementation of one or couple of processes to demonstrate RPA capabilities in client environment.

Opportunities assessment

  • Analysis of data, facilitation of opportunity scan workshops and creation of business cases to come up with candidate processes for automation. This might include assessment of suitable RPA tools for your organization.

Full scale RPA implementation

  • End-to-end delivery of RPA solution to client - analysis, design, development and deployment of agreed scope of high value processes automations.

How does it work – Booking of Accounts Payable invoice  

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