Risk & compliance

Management of risks related to compliance or project delivery is a critical and often underestimated or formal task. Understanding and independent view on the risks is one of the critical factors for successful operations management and on-going project delivery. We support our clients and help in refining and maintaining risks and compliance as the regulatory and legal environment matures.

Benefits for clients

Service offerings

Privacy and GDPR services

More than ever, citizens around the world are concerned about what organisations do with their personal data. As many high-profile breaches have demonstrated, there are significant risks for both individuals and businesses when things go wrong.

How can we help?

  • Completeness Check of GDPR compliance
  • Definition and implementation of improvement measures to achieve GDPR compliance
  • Co-sourcing or full-outsourcing of organization’s DPO
  • DPI Assessment


Project risk management

By managing risks within a project, the project manager and team ensure that the project will be delivered on time and to the satisfaction of the end-user community and sponsor.

How can we help?

  • Project Risk identification, analysis, evaluation and prioritization
  • Definition of mitigation strategies
  • Continual risk assessment and control to achieve successful project management delivery

IT risk management

To protect the data and information systems is the key element of IT risk management. Continuous assessment and mitigation of risks and security of IT environment (including its changes) is one of many challenges within your organization.

How can we help?

  • Identification (or validation) and assessment of IT risks
  • Definition of mitigation measures and support for their implementation
  • Internal controls check and assessment of security measures in place
  • Set-up of process for on-going IT risk management life-cycle

Fraud risk management

We help clients protect themselves from the financial, operational and reputational damage of fraud. Our services will protect shareholder value, provide assurance to your Audit Committee and senior management team, and raise fraud awareness of your staff.

  • Fraud risk assessments to identify and address control weaknesses or blind spots within processes
  • Provide awareness training for Board and staff
  • Review and design fraud risk policies and related guidance
  • Design and implementation of a fraud risk management framework tailored to your precise needs and risk appetite
  • Provide  guidance and challenge in  your response to a suspected fraud

Contract assessment

Many of company’s commercial contracts follow  terms and conditions, which might be outdated or inefficient from operational and financial perspective. Contract assessment can result in cost savings and increased operational excellence.

  • Review of business contractual conditions of contracts signed with vendors, customers or other partners
  • Identify opportunities for improvements / negotiation of new terms and conditions
  • Assessment of contract’s GDPR compliance and definition of changes