Process mining

Acceleration and automation of process analysis, diagnostics and visualization of processes, based on event logs from client’s systems or based on anonymized monitoring of user activities on their desktops in order to expose and identify process areas with significant improvement potential of its operational efficiency.

Benefits for clients

Example project scopes

Process mining and visualization

Analysis of process focusing on: process variants, bottlenecks, inter-department cooperation, level of process standardization, process statistics (average time to execute, variances, number of executions). Summary of findings and suggested next steps.

Rapid identification of bottlenecks

Quick screening of processes to identify main bottle necks and propose solutions to resolve them.

Process costs calculation & RPA long list

Analysis of costs on process and activity level. Creation of long list of processes that are fit for RPA automation with indicative business cases.

What can we do with Process Mining

Example visualization

Process mining features

Process map

The mined process is displayed in the form of a process map or a social graph. It provides overview of the structures and links of steps and resources in the process

Process animation

Analysis of process dynamics


Dependencies and distributions in the process


Summary of statistical information about the process


Different process performance variants, their quality and the progress of individual cases over time

Process compare

Comparison view of different process variants

Sample use case – How to discover & map processes

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