RPA Case studies for SSC

A partnership with Mazars helps you to deploy Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to transform shared services and drive digital business through continual process automation. This expertise, flexibility and personal approach will be the cornerstone of our future relationship with you. Let us share with you our experience.

Mazars Robotics Center operates as a digital hub providing its services to Mazars companies and their clients worldwide. The two hubs are located in Bratislava and Paris and they are working with leading RPA software (UiPath, BluePrism and Automation Anywhere), as well as niche platforms (UltimateRPA). 

All the digital transformation projects in the CEE region are delivered by a dedicated team in Bratislava composed of business consultants, project managers and professional RPA developers. They created an end-to-end RPA delivery methodology from assessment, roll out, continuous improvement to maintenance.

Proven experience:


City of Limerick




SSC - public authority

SSC - global building materials







Analyze process efficiency and automation opportunities at the Housing Assistance Payment SSC

Analyze processes and efficiency of an SSC and identify opportunities for centralization streamlining and automation using RPA

Automation of booking of invoices into SAP


Process mining tool

Detailed mapping of current processes and efficiency indicators and proposed improvement initiatives, including RPA opportunities

Several variants of invoices registering according to a predefined logic and various controls were included in the automated workflow

Objective/ Result

Assess process issues and identify opportunities for process automation based on RPA

Design and develope 9 robots for automating financial processes that included invoice creation, bank statement download, payment run, reconciliations, manual journal entries etc.

Test the solution and deploy live environment

Phase 2 was requested for additional scenarios: a robot to process Brazilian invoices in xml format

The robot was able to read through invoices, matches them with a purchase order in SAP, resolves discrepancies in a certain range and informs the user about any problems it runs into.

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Robotic process automation

Robotic automation is a set of technologies that use software as a virtual FTE to manipulate existing application software in the same way that a person completes a process.

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Process mining

Acceleration and automation of process analysis, diagnostics and visualization of processes, based on event logs from client’s systems or based on anonymized monitoring of user activities on their desktops in order to expose and identify process areas with significant improvement potential of its operational efficiency.