5G will reshape most industries

2G in 1991, 3G in 1998, 4G in 2008 ... 5G in 2020! The latest telecom network technology is born and it is much more than simply an incremental progress compared to 4G.

"5G represents a technological leap!"

It will profoundly modify industrial production processes, public services, medicine, management and distribution of water, gas, electricity, among others. It will also create new consumer services, and will therefore favour the emergence of major players in a new digital ecosystem. Although the array of possibilities offered by 5G is exciting and seems limitless, it is not without risk.

Julien Huvé, Partner, Mazars in France, shares his thoughts on this latest breakthrough technology via this interview. Since Mazars and the French think-tank “Institut Montaigne” have just published a key study on the topic, it was important to get the views of one of the co-authors. The report urgently calls for the European Union to take an ambitious and coordinated approach to the issue of 5G deployment, otherwise Europe might end up lagging behind certain leaders in the industry, namely the US and China.

Get more information and read interview with Julien Huvé or download the study below.