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Innovators at Mazars

Innovators at Mazars
Innovation and transformation are words that we hear, read or write several times a day. But how do we make sense of all these new technological, societal or business trends? How do companies implement some of these changes in practice? And most importantly, how do businesses move from ‘doing’ digital to ‘being’ digital?

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Are You Missing the Tech Train?

tech train image
Mazars publishes global study on familiarity, investment and implementation levels surrounding five transformative workplace technologies.

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Reinsurers’ Financial Communication – 2019 benchmark study (part I)

Reinsurers benchmark study
As the role of reinsurance is continuously expanding, Mazars has analysed the latest financial disclosures of the top 10 reinsurers worldwide providing a comparative view for a better understanding of their risk profile and strategy.

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Central and Eastern European Tax Guide 2019

Tax 1 1600 per 900px.jpg
Welcome to Mazars' Central and Eastern European (CEE) tax guide, which provides an online overview of the tax systems in the CEE region. Compare various criteria with our online tool or study PDF version of the CEE Tax guide.

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5G will reshape most industries

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2G in 1991, 3G in 1998, 4G in 2008 ... 5G in 2020! The latest telecom network technology is born and it is much more than simply an incremental progress compared to 4G.

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CEE View: Inbound M&A report 2018/2019

CEE M&A Report 1600X900.jpg
Mazars is pleased to present the CEE View: Inbound M&A report 2018/2019, in collaboration with Mergermarket. This new report offers an overview of the mergers and acquisitions activity in 2018 within and into the Central & Eastern European (CEE) region, and looks ahead to the challenges and opportunities for the next couple of months.

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Benchmark on key audit matters

Audit 3 1600 per 900px.jpg
“The purpose of communicating key audit matters is to enhance the communicative value of the auditor’s audit report by providing greater transparency about the audit that was performed.” To provide “additional information to Intended users of the financial statements, to assist them in understanding those matters, that, in the auditor’s professional judgment, were of most significance in the audit.”

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IFRS 15: Key points of the revenue recognition standard in 100 Questions & Answers

FAS 2 1600 per 900px.jpg
To both help understand the key issues of IFRS 15 and provide answers to your specific questions, Mazars publishes "IFRS 15: Key points of the revenue recognition standard in 100 Questions & Answers". This publication, from the Mazars Insight series, presents the intricacies of a complex standard in a pedagogical way.

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Integrated Reporting: Towards a Global Adoption?

Integrated reporting 1086x202
Integrated Reporting applies principles and concepts that are focused on bringing greater cohesion and efficiency to the reporting process, and adopting ‘integrated thinking’ as a way of breaking down internal silos and reducing duplication.The Framework has been tested and assessed during these past three years and significant ‘breakthroughs’ have been achieved. Our present paper, therefore, aims to illustrate the insurance industry trends and marks the end of the “Breakthrough Phase”.

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