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VAT Act updates effective from 1.1. and 1.7. 2021

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At the end of August a VAT Act amendment was submitted for the approval to the National Council of the Slovak republic. The Amendment to the VAT Act focuses on areas that required harmonization in line with EU law and introduces two fundamental changes in the area of ​​correcting the tax base in the event of unpaid supplies and distance sale of goods.

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Subsistence minimum changes as of July 2020

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24.7. 2020 - The subsistence minimum is a socially recognized minimum income limit of a natural person, below which a state of material need occurs.

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Proposed measures directed at economy in the context of COVID-19 virus outbreak

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19.3.2020 - The main aim of these measures is to support finance condition, liquidity and cash flow of companies and employers, to prevent collapse in the business sector and to maintain strategic and critical processes necessary to tackle COVID-19 virus spread while maintaining stability and minimising of panic.

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Information from the Labour inspectorate (in Slovak)

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1.4.2020 - Radi by sme Vás informovali , že sme preverovali situáciu ohľadom koronavirusu na inšpektorátu práce a potvrdili nám nasledovné:

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Five tips for handling COVID-19 from our company

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16.3.2020 - We all agree that the ongoing development around COVID-19 pandemic has unprecedently influenced functioning of many teams and businesses. Efficiency and motivation of both managers and employees must be ensured. New situations and settings keep popping up every day. Eventhough we are aware of many online options they are rarely used in such wide and long measures. Let's have a look at few tips we've set up in our company.

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Important labour-law information during the coronavirus pandemic

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16.3.2020 - Ongoing situation changes our regular settings of work. Approaches that has always been considered benefits such as home office, are now the most common way of functioning. This brings questions and queries but you will find answers here.

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Extension of the deadline for tax return submission until 30.6.2020

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26.3.2020 - Following the current restrictions in order to prevent the spread and to mitigate the impacts of disease Covid-19, Financial Administration of Slovak Republic informed about the possibility of filing a tax return “in paper form” and paying tax liability within an extended deadline until 30.06.2020 without submission of an official announcement.

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Payroll changes as of 1 January 2020

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Our HR & payroll experts have prepared an overview of changes in the payroll legislation so that you will not get confused.

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VAT Act amendment 2020

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The amendment to the VAT Act was approved a few days ago and will enter into force on 1 January 2020. The amendment focuses on areas that need to be brought into line with European Union legislation. It discusses the introduction of the so-called. quick fixes in call-off stock mode, chain stores and more.

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