Social measures related to COVID-19

The measures entered info force as of 27.3.2020.

1. Emergency nursing is introduced. This means that a parent can receive a nursing benefit until their child reaches the age of 11, or until the child reaches the age of 18 if he or she has a long-term adverse health condition (for example, disabled). In these cases, no medical confirmation from the doctor will be required.

At the same time, nursing benefit is also being introduced in the times of crisis also to children under 16, but a medical certificate from the doctor will be required. This means that the child's health status will be examined.

The amount of the nursing benefit stay remains at 55% of the daily assessment base, with the possibility that parents will be able to take turns in receiving the nursing benefit. It is not necessary to apply for the prolongation of the benefit, only when the parents exchange in taking their nursing benefits.

At the same time, the Social Insurance Agency announces that it is not competent to confirm or notify employers that their employee is receiving or continues to receive an attending to a sick family member(OČR). This type of certificates is not even issued to the employees by the Social Insurance Agency. It is therefore, not within the Agency´s competences to notify the employer that their employee is currently not at work, due to the fact that schools, kindergartens and other school facilities are closed. The employer must therefore deal with the issue of proving obstacles at work themselves – it is the employee´s duty to notify the employer of any obstacle at work, including the fact that at the end of the month the obstacle still persists. The justification of an obstacle at work is not linked to providing of a nursing benefit.

2. Quarantine sickness status is being introduced. There is an adjustment of the amount of the benefit, which will be 55% from the first day of the sickness leave and it will be paid by the Social Insurance Agency.

Currently, it is stated that for the first ten days an employer pays for the sickness leave, where the first three days are based on the 25% of the employee´s daily assessment base and afterwards 55% of the employee´s daily assessment base. The entitlement is also assessed by the doctor for the new status.

3. A contribution to maintain the work position for employer is introduced. The project will be mainly financed by the European Social Fund or the state budget. The amount of the contribution and precise conditions will be determined by the Government.

4. Aid for the self-employed persons (self-employed or artists) is also being introduced. It is also going to be paid by the European Social Fund or possible by the state budget. Any sole trader (self-employed person), who had to stop or limit their activities due to the Coronavirus will be also eligible for the allowance. The exact conditions will be determined by the Government.