COVID-19 & your business

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing uncertainty and disruption around the world. Mazars Slovakia and Group priorities are to protect people and ensure business continuity and service for our clients, working as one partnership, supporting each other in Slovakia, the CEE region and across the globe.

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been closely monitoring the situation and taking action to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. We remain by our clients’ sides, helping them navigate these unprecedented times.

Tax implications

People in Your Business 

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Law Implications

Coronavirus vs the financial statements for 2019

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Market & economic perspectives

by Mazars chief economist Vladimír Vaňo 


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Our COVID-19 crisis taskforce team 

We established a special group of Mazars professionals and partner law firm Bartošík Šváby who work together as one team sharing information among one another in order to help you and deliver the latest relevant information during this fast changing times. Below you will find a few examples of questions you might ask and contact list of people who can guide you.  

Who can guide you?

You may ask...

Miloš Kunský

  1. How is the uncertainty associated with the spread of coronavirus affecting the annual financial statements prepared for 2019?

Kvetoslava Čavajdová & Veronika Rakovická

  1. What are our corporate income tax obligations?
  2. Until when can we delay the tax payment?
  3. Are there measures to pay tax in installements to ensure the chash flow?

Juraj Zelko

  1. What is the key value of my business and how can I protect it during the Covid19 outbreak?
  2. What impact will the pandemic have on cash flow management?
  3. How can my short-term strategic business planning be supported?

Lucia Vícenová 

  1. What are the employee’s rights in case of workplace closure or inability to work remotely due to COVID-19?

Vladimír Vaňo

  1. Anti-crisis shield for firms - what does it contain and what are its main assumptions? What's the value? Since when can companies count on support?
  2. What is the economic response to the slowdown? How will the world after the crisis look like?

Rudolf Vido

  1. Will my IT systems cope?
  2. Which technology functions should be adapted first?
  3. Should I performed scenario analysis on a disruption to my supply chain?

Boris Šváby

Lucia Krištoffová

(partner law firm Bartošík Šváby)

  1. What solutions to protect employers and employees does the government propose?
  2. What should I review within my contract once I may face contractual obligation disruptions?

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Mazars Slovakia during COVID-19 outbreak

During the ongoing coronavirus situation, we would like to assure you that we follow the WHO's advice and guidelines, recommendations of the relevant state authorities and global guidelines of the Mazars Group aimed at limiting the expansion of the virus. To this end, we have implemented internal procedures to minimize the risk to our clients, partners and employees.