Graduates recruitment process

How to make the recruitment process more interesting for U and differentiate us from our competitors? We are not afraid to try new things. This section is available in the Slovak language.




Are you afraid of interviews and U would love to escape from them? Don't worry! 

This is exactly what we ask you to do at our interview. The escape room is ready for U!

You will need to take a short test in our premises that were in the final of Office of the year contest. 

You will have a cup of coffee and chat with your potential future colleagues, juniors will tell you what obstacles they had to pass and where they have moved so far.  

Seniors will clarify what will be expected from U.

Managers will reveal what they love about their job, so that is your case in the future.

And partners will discuss all the opportunities you can achieve in Mazars, in English of course. They will share where the company is heading and how U can help us to get there.

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Graduate recruitment 2020

We are looking 4U. Join us. We have opportunities for graduates to join us in: Audit, Tax and Accounting.


Why Mazars?

Escape from corporate, routine, experience U culture, flexible working conditions, personal development and enjoy your job. This section is available in Slovak language.


Where at Mazars?

Would you like to learn something new? Do you want to look at things from a complex angle and to see the final result? Click and learn more. This section is available in Slovak language.