Q&A related to COVID-19 & your business

Download the brochure we have created with the experts from Mazars, the partner law firm Bartošík Šváby and the platform Crowdberry. Right after the outbreak of the coronavirus, we established a special group, where we work together as one team, sharing information with each other so that we can help you and provide you with the latest relevant information in this constantly changing period.

Download the brochure

What have we done?

Although we cannot see each other in person, it is our priority to stand by you and support your business. Therefore, up to this date, we have managed to organize on a weekly basis a free Q&A webinar for our clients, where our team answers the questions related to COVID-19. However, we also deal with other topics, such as RPA (Robotic process automation), economic prospects for 2020, labour law issues and many others. Talking in numbers, in a month and a half we have organized 16 webinars, where we answered over 100 different questions to more than 500 participants. 

What will you read?

In the document below, you will find a selection of questions and answers from the field of state aid, contractual relations, labour law questions and rent, which were asked by our clients. We are also preparing Q&A from the area of ​​taxes and wages. At the end of the document, you will find a list of experts from our Task Force team, whom you can contact if necessary. 

Want to join us?

External entities are also an essential part of our expert group, which first-hand helps us to decipher the most important needs and problems in this period. If you want to become a part of the group, do not hesitate to contact us at event@mazars.sk. 

You can follow the current changing situation in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic on our Mazars website as well as on the Bartošík-Šváby website. We monitor and update daily the changing situation so that we can always bring you the latest news. 

IMPORTANT: The brochure is in Slovak language.

Download the brochure